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Sol Couture is locally owned and focuses on customer satisfaction. I pride myself on offering  wonderful products and ‚Äčproviding great customer service. 

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This line of clothing is amazing, its very light weight and great for the post tan but also fun weekend in the sun. The robes will be great for after you shower off that tan or pre prep for your events. So smooth and soft you are in 100% comfort and style. Different colors available! 




Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the highest diagnosed cancers, Dermatologists diagnose over a million of them every year. Good sun protection includes a chemical Sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and amazing product lines that carry them are Elta MD and over the counter products like Cerave and Neutrogena and Olino by Dr. Steven Rasmussen. 

We forget that not only is sunscreen beneficial for good sun protection and preventing skin cancer but also anti aging as well.

Our Services

All my products are from Infinity Sun based out of California. They are instant bronzers and clear solutions. I can tan the most porcelain of skin to already tan skin. Also anti aging products available 

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Tans are $55, packages available.

Tanning Parties must have at least 8

Brides get tan for half the price, if three or more in your party tan.

Anti-aging elixir is an extra $25

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Be proactive get regular skin checks to ensure that all your moles are normal and any new moles that are growing and changing are not anything to worry about. Book an appointment once a year with your Dermatologist!

Austin Regional Clinic

Dr. Steven Rasmussen serving South Austin


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What to do to prepare for tan

Exfoliate well and Do Not put on lotions or deodorants.Also wear something lose after tan. If you don't have a post tan outfit we offer, at minimal additional cost, post tan dresses and robes 

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Moisturize with the Hydra Lite Lotion

To keep the tan golden as long as you can hydrate and moisturize daily to keep that n=beautiful bronze glow! 

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